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Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Success in digital marketing goes far beyond having great search results or a pretty email campaign. In fact, the true measure of success is to know exactly which keyword phrases or email tag line are delivering the best results. While the click through rate is important and is one measure of the effectiveness of the ad or email, it’s not the only measure of success. Rather, it is far more important to know what the visitor does once they arrive at the web site. What keyword phrase or link did they use to get to your web site? Was it a regular search result, a keyword ad or a specific article in your email campaign? What pages did they visit? Did the complete the desired task (sign up for a newsletter, request more information or create an account)? Or did they leave after looking at the first page?

Our data visulaisation and analytics service provides detailed reporting on all keyword ads combined with regular search results, email campaigns, and post click analysis to measure effectiveness and return on investment. By combining data from disparate sources, you can track organic search results, keywords ads, email campaigns, social activity and other marketing campaigns with sales data.

Our detailed live dashboards help consolidate the data to provide insight and identify trends happening in your online marketing space. We also help track your success against set goals and provide action items for future success.

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