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Email Marketing
Our email marketing service is an ideal solution to help you grow and maintain your relationship with your existing customers and help prospective customers get to know you. At MediaKraft, we can help you develop a successful permission based email marketing program for employees, customers, or partners and integrate it with the rest of your marketing and communication strategy.

Initial Consultation

  • Assessment of your current online marketing strategy
  • An initial report with specific recommendations for data collection and email marketing options

Campaign Development and Reporting

  • Newsletter design and content creation
  • Email client and industry standard SPAM filter testing
  • Monitoring and maintenance of all email marketing campaigns
  • Campaign results including Open Rates, Bounced emails, and Click Through Rates (CTR), and more
  • Ongoing support and recommendations for future improvement

E-marketing campaign Benefits:

  • Inexpensive to produce, large cost savings
  • Fast cycle times-days to produce and execute rather than weeks
  • Phenomenal response rates (5% to 18% is typical)
  • Response and ROI can be quickly and accurately measured in hours
  • Easy to target, track, and measure
  • Complements response of offline efforts
  • Information is captured in a database and used to improve subsequent efforts

Costs for email marketing services vary depending on the scope and needs of your campaign. Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your online communication.